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Are the subscription process and credit card details I provide online secure?
Yes. Subscription to the digital edition of "Sha'ar La'Matchil" is carried out in a secure environment, subject to the strictest regulations. All information you provide during the payment process will be encrypted in VeriSign's advanced SSL protocol.

When and how will I receive an invoice for my payment?
Upon completion of the purchase, a receipt will be sent to the email address you provide during the payment process. For your convenience, the receipt will have a link to the website of our billing company “Plimus”, where you can view and print the invoice.

I subscribed but did not receive confirmation that the transaction was received.
Please send us an email to sales@plimus.com and we will send your confirmation ASAP.

I entered my personal information and credit card details and received the following message: “Credit card was declined.” What should I do?
The message means that your credit card company refused to approve the transaction. Please contact the credit card company's customer service center to find out the reason for the refusal. If the problem persists, you can perform the transaction online by selecting the bank transfer or check payment option.

For further assistance, please contact our customer service at sales@plimus.com or call our international number 1-858-350-7473.

I was debited twice for the same purchase.
It is recommended you check the matter with your credit card company since in many cases payment was not actually debited twice. If indeed a mistake was made and two transactions were approved, please fax us the credit card debit printout to international fax number 1-858-777-5553 and we will credit your account ASAP.

My credit card number was changed. Will my subscription be cancelled?
To ensure continuity of your subscription, please update us ASAP about the change in your payment method by calling international telephone number 1-858-777-5553. 

I would like a subscription for educational institutions. Will all registered users be able to access the online account management section?

Following registration, in order to maintain the privacy of your account, you will be able to create passwords and user names for your students, for browsing purposes only, in the “account management” section.

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