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“Sha´ar La´Matchil”, the Israeli Ministry of Education's long-standing weekly newspaper, is edited and published under the Ministry´s full supervision by “Yediot Shurot”, the publishing house of the country´s major newspaper “Yediot Ahronot.”

The weekly focuses on news, current affairs and a wide range of enriching topics in easy to understand, standard Hebrew with vowel points. The weekly, written and edited by Israeli teachers and journalists, complies with stringent academic principles and maintains media standards and educational values.

We are now proud to present the digital edition of “Sha´ar La´Matchil”. The digital edition enables reading in Hebrew, listening to a selection of articles that are recorded aloud in Hebrew (an important tool for learning the language!) and keeping abreast of the latest events in Israel in an easy and convenient manner, from any computer with an internet connection.

“Sha´ar La´Matchil” offers students and teachers a unique learning experience that cannot be attained via school textbooks. The magazine is current and relevant, it is updated and renewed every week, it is accessible from any location at any time and it provides “reports from the field”. It offers a wide array of topics and a rich linguistic form on various levels of difficulty. It provides students with a means of two-way communication with the newspaper´s editorial board by publishing comments and opinions in the “Readers Write” column and by way of reader and teacher encounters with the newspaper´s staff and so forth.

The digital edition of “Sha´ar La´Matchil” is designed for Hebrew students worldwide- children, youth, adults, beginners, advanced, continued education students, classroom students, independent students, individuals learning about Israel, children of Israelis living abroad and teachers. (We invite you to use the teaching materials and many diverse “tips” that await you in the “Teachers' Zone”).

Individuals can enjoy “Sha´ar La´Matchil” from the early stages of Hebrew learning. We recommend that individuals continue learning and enriching themselves even when they are able to read other newspapers in Hebrew.

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