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User Agreement for Overseas Access to the Sha'ar La'Matchil Web Site

Welcome to the "Sha'ar LaMatchil" Web site ("the Site"). The Site is managed and operated by "Yedioth Shurot" (a registered partnership, hereinafter referred to for convenience as "Yedioth Shurot"). "Yedioth Shurot" allows users to view the Shaar Lamatchil site and to use its services from computers located outside Israel ("the Service"). Use of the Service is conditional on confirmation of your agreement to these Terms of Use You are therefore requested to read them carefully. Some sections of the Site contain additional terms of use or online agreements relating to the contents of the specific section. Use of these sections is subject to these Terms of Use and to the specific terms and agreements set out in them.

The Terms of Use are worded in the masculine form for convenience only, and of course relate to women as well.

Use of the Site
The title page on the Sha'ar L'aMatchil site contains content that may be viewed without registration or payment.
Some of the Site's pages (e.g. explanatory pages, teachers' zone) are open to all users.
· Viewing the online newspaper requires registration, payment of a subscription fee, and a user name and password. The Site can only be entered from abroad. Entry from computers in Israel is blocked and disabled.
· Please Note: Surfers using the Explorer 6 browser may be required to download a program update in order to enable viewing the digital version.
The "Shaar LaMatchil" newspaper is published once a week, except for two weeks of the year (during the intermediate days of Succoth and Pesach).
In addition, in the event that "Yedioth Shurot" is unable to publish a digital and/or printed edition for any reason, such as strikes, technological problems, force majeure, etc., it will not give its subscribers monetary compensation.  "Yedioth Shurot" will, however, extend the period of anyone who was a subscriber when an edition was not published, for the same period of time during which a digital and/or printed edition was not published, so that such a subscriber receives, in all, the number of editions to which "Yedioth Shurot" committed.

Who Is Entitled to Register for the Service?

Subject to these terms, if you are the legal holder of a valid credit card, you may purchase a subscription to the Service, provided you have completed the registration process and provided the details requested in the course thereof.
"Yedioth Shurot" at its absolute discretion may refuse to allow you to purchase a subscription to the Service. Without derogating from the above, "Yedioth Shurot" may terminate the subscription purchased by you in any of the following cases:
· If when registering for the Service you deliberately furnished erroneous details.
· If you commit an act or omission that is or might be prejudicial to "Yedioth Shurot" or to any third party, including other subscribers or writers or providers of the Site.
· If you use the services offered on the Site to commit or attempt to commit an illegal act under the laws of the State of Israel or under the laws of the country in which the computer through which you accessed the Site is located, or to enable, facilitate, aid or abet the commission of such an act.
· If you violate the terms of this agreement or the terms of any other service offered by "Yedioth Shurot" presently or in the future, and in particular, if you convey to a third party the user name and the password that were assigned to you at the time of registration.
· If you owe "Yedioth Shurot" or any corporation controlled by it a monetary debt, and you fail to pay such debt, by its due date.
· If the credit card held by you is blocked or restricted in any way.
· If you perform any act that prevents others from joining the Service or continuing to benefit from the Service in any way.
· If you convey to another person the user name and the password that were assigned to you.

Registration for the Service

On registering for the Service you will be asked to provide personal details, such as your first and last name, active email address, town and country of residence and credit card information. You must provide only true, accurate and complete details. You must hereby certify the truth of the details provided by you. Erroneous details could prevent you from using the Service or prevent us from contacting you in case of need. Therefore, you should make sure that the details provided by you during the registration process are accurate and up-to-date. In case of a change in details, you should log into the management interface on the Plimus Web site at https://secure.plimus.com/jsp/account_login.jsp using your user name and password, and enter the Settings menus to update your details.

A copy of an invoice for the purchase of a subscription to the Service will be sent to the email address provided by you at the time of registration, within 72 hours from when the purchase was made.

The details provided by you when registering for the Service will be stored in the database of the billing company. You are not legally obligated to provide this information, but use of the services is contingent on your doing so. "Yedioth Shurot" will use your details solely in accordance with the Site's privacy policy, which forms an integral part of these Terms of Use (available at http://www.shaaronline.com/Eng/doc.asp?id=54), or in accordance with these Terms of Use. The details provided by the registrants will be saved by the billing company and will be accessible by "Yedioth Shurot". When registering the registrants give their consent to the saving of the details as stated and to their being accessed by Yedioth Shurot.

User Name and Password
Upon registering for the Service you will be asked to choose a user name and password that will identify you whenever you log into the Site and save you the necessity of entering your personal details anew. "Yedioth Shurot" may determine from time to time additional or other means of identification.

The user name and the password are intended solely for your personal use and may not be conveyed to others.

Keep the user name and the password confidential to prevent misuse of your account. Make sure to change the password as often as possible and not less than once in six months.

The user name entered by you when registering for the Service must not include names, nicknames or expressions involving insult to another, slander, obscenity, rudeness, libel, injury to the good name of another, pornographic or blatant sexual content, indecent names, unlawful injury to minors, and any other name, nickname or expression that contravenes a provision of the Israeli law or infringes the intellectual property of another or his right to privacy. "Yedioth Shurot" may, at its absolute discretion, refuse to accept any of the above.

You may change the password by clicking on the link: https://secure.plimus.com/jsp/forgot_password.jsp?designId=1

Subscription Fee
Use of the Service entails the payment of a consideration to "Yedioth Shurot" ("the subscription fee").

You may always peruse the up-to-date subscription tracks on: http://www.shaaronline.com/Eng/buy.asp?id=43

The subscription fee will be collected through the credit card whose details you provided when registering for the Service. By approving this agreement you are permitting Yedioth Shurot to debit your credit card for the subscription fee, according to the subscription track chosen by you when registering for the Service.

"Yedioth Shurot" may from time to time:
Update the subscription tracks and the payment terms and methods, and add, modify or discontinue special offers to the subscribers. A notice concerning the update will be published on the Site's homepage and will become effective a reasonable time after its publication, according to the nature of the update.
Update the subscription fee. A notice concerning the update will be published on the Site's homepage or will be sent in an email message to the Service's subscribers. The update will become effective seven days after its publication or after the sending of such a notice. Subsequent debits of your account will be according to the new rate, starting from when it became effective.
Collect from different subscribers or users a subscription fee in different amounts, or not collect a subscription fee at all.

The subscription fee is stated in US dollars. Your account will be debited in US dollars or in the currency chosen by you from among the alternatives provided on the billing company's Web site. The debit amount will be calculated according to the exchange rate of the US dollar against the debiting currency, as in force from time to time at the issuer of your credit card.

"Yedioth Shurot" will display, at its discretion, the estimated amount of the subscription prices in US dollars, according to the average conversion rate of the previous month. The amount displayed is a general estimate only and, does not reflect the actual amount of the debit and is not binding on Yedioth Shurot in any manner whatsoever.

Please Note: The cancellation of the subscription by you at any time, or the lapse thereof for any reason, will not entitle you to a monetary refund.

Automatic Renewal
Your subscription will be renewed automatically- unless terminated by "Yedioth Shurot". If you do not notify "Yedioth Shurot" regarding the non-renewal of your subscription, it will be renewed automatically for the same period as the expired subscription period, and your account will be debited accordingly.

"Yedioth Shurot" respects the privacy of the site users. The Site's up-to-date privacy policy forms an integral part of these Terms of Use and can be read at any time athttp://www.slamathil.com/Eng/doc.asp?id=54. As the privacy policy may change from time to time, it is recommended to occasionally reread the Privacy Statement.
"Yediot Shurot" is assisted by third parties in verifying the details of your credit card and in debiting your account. "Yedioth Shurot" will convey your details to the companies for verification and for debiting your account for the purchase of the subscription, in addition to and notwithstanding that stated in the Site's Privacy Statement. These companies will use your details solely for the above purposes.

The details provided by the registrants will be saved by the billing company and will be accessible by "Yedioth Shurot". The registrants grant their consent when registering to the saving of the details as stated and to their being accessed by "Yedioth Shurot", with the exception of credit card information.

Commercial Information, Advertisements and Notice Boards
From time to time the Site will include commercial information that is posted on behalf of various advertisers and users seeking to offer services or goods for sale. Such information may be in text, image or audio form.

"Yedioth Shurot" is not responsible for the contents of the commercial information, advertisements and notices posted on the Site. "Yedioth Shurot" does not write, check, verify or edit the contents or veracity of such postings. Exclusive responsibility for the contents of the above rests with the advertisers. The posting of commercial information, advertisements or notices on the Site does not constitute a recommendation or encouragement to purchase the services, goods or products offered for sale.

Any transaction concluded pursuant to any information, advertisement or notice posted on the Site will be finalized directly between you and the relevant advertiser. "Yedioth Shurot" is not a party to any such transaction and will not bear any liability for services and goods offered in or purchased based on advertisements and notices posted on the Site.

Intellectual Property
All copyrights and intellectual property rights in the Site, including in the names and the trademarks "Sha'ar LaMatchil", "Yedioth Shurot" and "Yedioth Achronot" in the design of the Site. in the content published on it by or on behalf of "Yedioth Shurot", and in any software, application, computer code, graphics file, text and any other material contained therein, belong exclusively to "Yedioth Shurot". No part of the above may be copied, distributed, displayed in public or conveyed to a third party, without the prior written consent of "Yedioth Shurot".

The Site contains content that is published pursuant to an agreement between Yedioth Shurot and a third party. The copyrights in this content belong to the third party, which has authorized Yedioth Shurot to use it. Said content and any part thereof may not be copied, duplicated, distributed, marketed or conveyed to the public, without the express prior written consent of the owner of the rights therein.

The trademarks and the advertisements of advertisers on the Site are the exclusive property of those advertisers. They too may not be used without the advertiser's prior written consent.

When you submit information for posting on the Site, you confirm by the submission thereof that you are the owner of all the rights therein and that you are authorized to post it. By the submission of the information for posting you are conferring on "Yedioth Shurot" a free, worldwide and perpetual license to copy, duplicate, distribute, market, convey to the public and use such information, at its absolute discretion, in any of the communication media of the "Yedioth Achronot" network.

Liability of "Yedioth Shurot"
The services and the information on the Site are provided for use as is. They may not be customized according to the needs of each and every user. You will not have any complaint, claim or demand against "Yedioth Shurot" in respect to the features, capabilities, limitations and compatibility of the services. Accordingly, the use of the services will be on your own full and exclusive responsibility.

Any decision taken by you in relation to information posted on the Site is your own full and exclusive responsibility.

"Yedioth Shurot" does not guarantee that the Site's services will not be disrupted or interrupted, will be provided regularly, will function safely and without error or will be immune to unauthorized access to "Yedioth Shurot's" computers or to damage, malfunctions, failures or defects in the hardware, software or communication lines and systems of "Yedioth Shurot" or any of its providers.

Furthermore, "Yedioth Shurot" undertakes to provide each user with a digital archive containing only the last four published editions.

Changes to the Site and Discontinuation of the Service
"Yedioth Shurot" may, from time to time, change the structure and design of the Site, the scope and availability of the services offered and any other aspect of the services, without prior notice. Such changes will be executed, inter alia, taking into consideration the dynamic nature of the internet and the technological and other changes occurring from time to time. By their very nature, changes of this kind may entail malfunctions and/or may initially cause inconvenience, etc. You will not have any complaint, claim and/or demand against "Yediot Shurot" in respect of the execution of such changes and/or in respect of malfunctions arising from their execution.
"Yedioth Shurot" may, at any time, discontinue the provision of all or any of its services, including the paid subscription service. "Yedioth Shurot" will publish on the Site a notice concerning the discontinuation of the services at least 30 days in advance. Following the discontinuation of the services, "Yedioth Shurot" will store the material contained on the Site during an additional thirty days, after which it will be entitled to delete it without keeping any backup and with no further notice. The termination of the paid subscription by "Yedioth Shurot" will entitle the user to a pro rata monetary refund.

Change in the User Agreement
"Yedioth Shurot" may modify the terms of this agreement at any time, by a notice on the Site's homepage through an email message or by requiring you to reregister for the Service. Your continued use of the Service is evidence of your consent to the changes that were made in the agreement. In the absence of consent, this agreement will lapse at the end of one month from the day on which such terms were published, and from then on you will not be entitled to use the Service.

Governing Law and Venue
The use of the Site will be governed solely by the laws of the State of Israel.
The sole venue in any matter arising from this agreement or from the Site is the competent courts in the Tel Aviv and Central Districts of Israel.

Inquiries and Clarifications
Inquiries and questions may be addressed to "Yedioth Shurot", by mail to "Yedioth Shurot", 9 Hamasger St., Tel Aviv, or by sending an email message to: ShaarLamathil@yedtik.co.il.

We welcome you to the circle of subscribers to Sha'ar LaMatchil and wish you enjoyable and useful surfing.
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